If The Cap Fits

Kevin Burke

Featuring – Donal Lunny, Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, Paul Brady, Jackie Daly, Gerry O’Beirne, Peter Brown

Produced by Donal Lunny


1 A Kerry Reel, Michael Coleman’s, The Wheels of the World, Julia Delaney (Solo Fiddle)

2 Dinney Delaney’s, The Yellow Wattle (3 Fiddles, Bodhran, Guitar & Bousouki)

3 The Mason’s Apron, Laington’s Reel (Fiddle & Accordion)

4 Paddy Fahy’s Jigs, Cliffs of Moher (Solo Fiddle)

5 The Star of Munster, John Stenson’s no.1, John Stenson’s no.2 (Fiddle & Accordion)

6 Biddy Martin’s, Ger the Rigger, Bill Sullivan’s Polka (3 Fiddles)

7 Caisleán na nÓr Bobby Casey’s hornpipe (Fiddle & Guitar)

8 Toss the Feathers (Solo Fiddle), The College Groves (Solo Fiddle), The Pinch of Snuff (2 Fiddles & Slide Guitar), The Earl’s Chair (2 Fiddles, Mandolin & Flute), The Woman of the House (2 Fiddles, Mandolin, Flute & Bousouki), The Girl that Broke My Heart (Solo Fiddle), The Drunken Tinker (2 Fiddles & Accordion), Paddy Cronin’s (3 Fiddles), McFadden’s Handsome Daughter (2 Fiddles & Bousouki), The Hunter’s Purse (Fiddle, Pipes & Flute), Toss the Feathers (2 Fiddles & Piano)