CD $15

celtic fiddle festival

Kevin Burke, Johnny Cunningham, Christian Lemaître
Soïg Siberil guitar

Produced by Johnny Cunningham
Recorded Live in Concert


  1. ward’s favourite/the morning star/the star of munster/laington’s reel
  2. la jolie bateliére/rondes de loudéac
  3. hector the hero
  4. mrs. kenny’s/gowden locks/sweeney’s buttermilk/i haven’t heard from johnny yet/les ridées du
  5. printemps
  6. up in the air/across the black river/all in good time
  7. marche et gavottes pourlet
  8. johnny’s big set
  9. teolena/marche de roskonval/sandizan
  10. ton bale pier baudouin/dans fisel
  11. farewell to ireland/foxhunter’s reel
  12. two andros/andro psg
  13. the dark island