If The Cap Fits

CD $15

If The Cap Fits . . .
Kevin Burke

Recorded in Ireland in the late 70’s, and still seen by many as one of the most innovative, refreshing and influential fiddle recordings ever made.

Produced by Donal Lunny
Features: Gerry O’Beirne, Paul Brady, Peter Browne, Donal Lunny, Jackie Daly, Micheál Ó Domhnaill

  1. A Kerry Reel, Michael Coleman’s, The Wheels of the World, Julia Delaney (Solo Fiddle)
  2. Dinney Delaney’s, The Yellow Wattle (3 Fiddles, Bodhran, Guitar & Bousouki)
  3. The Mason’s Apron, Laington’s Reel (Fiddle & Accordion)
  4. Paddy Fahy’s Jigs, Cliffs of Moher (Solo Fiddle)
  5. The Star of Munster, John Stenson’s no.1, John Stenson’s no.2 (Fiddle & Accordion)
  6. Biddy Martin’s, Ger the Rigger, Bill Sullivan’s Polka (3 Fiddles)
  7. Caisleán na nÓr Bobby Casey’s hornpipe (Fiddle & Guitar)
  8. Toss the Feathers (Solo Fiddle), The College Groves (Solo Fiddle), The Pinch of Snuff (2 Fiddles & Slide Guitar), The Earl’s Chair (2 Fiddles, Mandolin & Flute), The Woman of the House (2 Fiddles, Mandolin, Flute & Bousouki), The Girl that Broke My Heart (Solo Fiddle), The Drunken Tinker (2 Fiddles & Accordion), Paddy Cronin’s (3 Fiddles), McFadden’s Handsome Daughter (2 Fiddles & Bousouki), The Hunter’s Purse (Fiddle, Pipes & Flute), Toss the Feathers (2 Fiddles & Piano)