Open House – Hoof and Mouth

CD $15

hoof and mouth Open House

Kevin Burke, Mark Graham, Paul Kotapish, Sandy Silva
(featuring Ged Foley on Northumbrian small pipes)

Produced by Ged Foley

The third and final album by this well-loved, eclectic and innovative band. Highlights of this recording include Paul Kotapish’s self penned Okarina, Mark Graham’s hilarious delving into the tales of ancient history with Oedipus Rex, the wonderful Serbian tune Ducino Kolo, and the group’s performance of the intricate rythmic complexities of Donal Lunny’s Tolka Polka.

  1. Tour de Taille
  2. Drag He ‘Round the Road/Sporting Paddy/Connemara Stockings/James Keane’s/Sporting Paddy
  3. The Okarina/The Tattoo
  4. Hoof and Mouth
  5. Oedipus Rex
  6. The Split Rock/The Pipe on the Hob/Blue Adder
  7. And When I Die
  8. Paddy the Caffler/Glen Cottage Polka/Tolka Polka
  9. Dulcino Kolo
  10. Tour de Taille (reprise)
  11. Kuivatasaluevalssi
  12. Bright Sunny South