Open House – Second Story

CD $15

Second Story
open house

Kevin Burke,Mark Graham, Paul Kotaphis, Sandy Silva
Tim O’Brien plays mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, and bass
Produced by Tim O’Brien


  1. The Miller of Drangan/The Dawn/Connie O’Connell’s
  2. Devlin’s Jig/The Trip to Bantry/The Hawthorne Hedge
  3. Merengue
  4. Bourrees de Berri
  5. Jackson and Jane
  6. Flowers of the Forest
  7. Chinquapin Hunting
  8. Monkey With a Typewriter
  9. Ryan’s
  10. The Moth in the Lantern/Take No Prisoners
  11. The Mascot/Collins’ Jig
  12. The Classical Greek
  13. The Ebb Tide
  14. The Dogfight