Street Life


Patrick Street Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Ged Foley, Andy Irvine

Produced by Ged Foley and Patrick Street

Guest musicians: Steve Cooney percussion, Gay Dalzell harmony vocals, Matt McElroy banjo, Bruce Molsky fiddle, Bernie Nau piano, Cal Scott alto horn and cornet.


1–Saddle the Pony/The Boys of the Town/The Frost is All Over
2–Barna Hill
3- The Old Reel/Drowsy Maggie/Kay Girroir
4- If We Had Built a Wall/The March of Time
5 -Down in Matewan/Lost Indian
6 -Down By The Old Fairy Fort/The Whistler and His Dog
7- The Diamantina Drover
8 -Art O’Keefe’s/Forget Your Troubles/Joe Bane’s/Kiskeam
9- Green Grows the Laurel
10-King of the Pipers/Free and Easy/The House on the Hill/O’Keefe’s