Twenty Irish Fiddle Tunes

Twenty Irish Fiddle Tunes
Learn twenty great tunes from Kevin Burke’s vast repertoire
Level 3
One CD, Includes music

Kevin Burke plays twenty tunes from his vast repertoire of Irish traditional music, once slowly for the learning instrumentalists, then up-to-speed to give you the true feel of the tune. You’ll learn the melody of each piece, along with the grace notes, rolls, double-stops and other ornaments that make this music so distinctive and that keeps it in the true Irish tradition. Although made for fiddlers, players of any lead instrument — mandolin, accordion, banjo, guitar, whistle — who want to increase their technique and expand their repertoire will find this CD an invaluable addition to their instructional collection. Contents: Rolling In The Ryegrass, The Sligo Maid, The Earl’s Chair, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Down The Broom, The Gatehouse Maid, The Sailor On The Rock, The Humours Of Lissadell, The Maid Behind The Bar, The Maids Of Mitchelstown, The Stack Of Barley, Rise A Mile, Tune From Gurteen, Tom Billy’s, The Scotsman Over The Border, Andy McGann’s Jig, Old Man Dillon, Sean Ryan’s Jig, Wallace’s Cross, A Slide, A Jig.