Up Close

CD $15

Kevin Burke


  1. Lord Gordon’s Reel
  2. A Polka/A Finnish Polka/Jessica’s Polka
  3. The Thrush in the Straw/A Health to the Ladies/The Boys of the Town
  4. Tuttle’s Reel/The Bunch of Green Rushes/The Maids of Mitchelstown
  5. The Shepherd’s Daughter/Jerusalem Ridge/Michael Kennedy’s Reel
  6. The Bloom of Youth/Molloy’s Favourite/The Cabin Hunter
  7. The Boys of Ballycastle/The Stack of Barley
  8. The Raheen Medley
  9. The Rambler/The Chapel Bell
  10. The Peeler’s Jacket/The Flax in Bloom/Eileen Curran
  11. The Orphan/The Mist on the Mountain/The Stolen Purse