All In Good Time

CD $15

All in Good Time
Patrick Street

Produced by Bill Whelan
Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Andy Irvine, Arty McGlynn
Guest musician: Bill Whelan Keyboards, backing vocals


  1. Walsh’s Polkas
  2. A Prince Among Men (Only a Miner)
  3. Frank Quinn’s Reel/Lad O’Beirne’s/Murphy’s Reel
  4. Lintheads: The Pride of the Springfield Road/Lawrence Common/Goodbye Monday Blues
  5. Light & Airy/All in Good Time
  6. The Mouth of the Tobique/Billy Wilson
  7. The Girls Along the Road
  8. The Thames Hornpipe/The Fairy Queen
  9. Dennis Murphy’s Reel/The Bag of Spuds/MacFarley’s Reel
  10. Carrowclare
  11. Lynch’s Barn Dances