Made In Cork

CD $15

Made in Cork Patrick Street
Produced by Patrick Street
Kevin Burke, Jackie Daly, Andy Irvine, Ged Foley


  1. Bring Back the Child/Páidin O’Rafferty
  2. The Coalminer/The Heather Breeze/Turf House
  3. Her Mantle So Green
  4. The Midnight Ramble/The Bogman/The Old Stage
  5. Maurice O’Keefe’s/Maurice O’Keefe’s/Sonny Rearden’s
  6. The Rainbow ‘Mid The Willows
  7. Where Lilies Bloom/The Village Tavern/The Four Cross Roads
  8. Spanking Maggie From the Ross
  9. The Winding Stairs/Ride A Mile
  10. When Adam Was in Paradise
  11. The Raven Through The Bog/The Forester
  12. Up to Your Neck in Sand/Coffey’s Reel/John Brennan from Sligo