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Celtic Fiddle Festival

Produced by Ged Foley and The Celtic Fiddle Festival
Recorded live by Bernie Nau at the Hollywood Theatre and Artichoke Music, Portland OR

This CD introduces to the Celtic Fiddle Festival the high energy playing of the great Quebecois fiddler, Andre Brunet. Kevin, Christian and Andre each perform individually on this CD and also demonstrate their unique ability to complement each other’s music while highlighting the unique qualities and sensibilities of their respective musical cultures.


  1. La Belle Catherine/Le Step á Ti-Phonse/Reel á Toto
  2. Leaving Brittany
  3. Stan Chapman’s Jig/Arthur Darley’s Swedish Jig
  4. Ar Bonomig/Dans Fisel
  5. Maison de glace/Le Printemps
  6. Itzikel
  7. Reel á Tido/La Rachoudine
  8. Promenade/Sonny’s Mazurka
  9. Lord Galway’s Lamentation/Planxty Whitbread
  10. A March/Al Letanant Schmitt/Méloudia
  11. O’Carolan’s Concerto/Loftus Jones
  12. An Droiou